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Title: Diminishing Memories II
Duration: 49mins
Film Languages: English, Mandarin, Teochew (Narrated in Mandarin with English & Chinese subtitles)



A director’s paean to a short-lived but blissful childhood, and a powerful reminder of the ravages of development on rural land and its occupants.



In order to re-capture her lost childhood, Eng Yee Peng sets out to make Diminishing Memories.  Little did she know that this first film was actually unfinished when it was completed in 2005.  The Singapore government’s latest plan to turn Lim Chu Kang into an agriculture-cum-entertainment attraction in 2006 is the motivation for the sequel- Diminishing Memories II.  Hence, the director sets out to visit the current Lim Chu Kang farming community this time, and is forced to face the deepest fear in her heart.  Find out how she learns to accept the much-changed Lim Chu Kang community and how the evolving times have also altered its spirit.




语言:中、英、潮语 (中文旁白,附中、英文字幕)