About the filmmaker 关于导演

Eng Yee Peng was nominated for the Great Women Of Our Time Awards, held by The Singapore Women’s Weekly in 2009.  She holds a Bachelor Degree in Digital Media Production with First Class Honours and topped the Griffith University (Australia) degree programme.  She was thus awarded respectively, the Screen Production and University Medals upon completion of her bachelor and honours degree courses.

Yee Peng started her career as a television news Assistant Producer and Studio Director with Media Corporation of Singapore (MediaCorp).  She then worked as a TV Producer/Writer/Director on programmes commissioned by the MediaCorp.

Apart from her professional work, she wrote weekly columns for Lianhe Zaobao (联合早报副刊《四方八面》专栏) and was a weekly guest speaker for the 95.8FM Capital radio noon live show. Yee Peng was invited to be an Associate Artist (Film) with The Substation in 2008.

Diminishing Memories was Yee Peng’s first independent documentary completed in 2005. The film was broadcast on South Korea’s national educational channel (EBS) and Australia’s international television channel (Australia Network) in 2006.  Diminishing Memories won the Best Tertiary Documentary at the Queensland New Filmmakers Award competition in Australia.  It was also nominated for the Best Documentary award and awarded the Special Jury Commendation Award at the Asian Festival of First Films in 2005.  Diminishing Memories was selected to screen at international film festivals in countries such as United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore.

Yee Peng’s second documentary, Diminishing Memories II proved to be a successful sequel to Diminishing Memories. The launch of Diminishing Memories and Diminishing Memories II at The Arts House received positive media coverage and reviews with overwhelming response from the public. All screenings of the public run were sold out from September to November 2008.

Her latest work is a Chinese book commissioned by the Singapore Children’s Society, entitled Wo Men Zhe Yang Zhang Da: Xin Jia Po De Tong Nian Sheng Huo 《我们这样长大:新加坡的童年生活》.  This book is about how Singaporean childhood experiences changed over three generations, a span of sixty years.  Launched on 11th August 2012, it became one of the top 10 best sellers at the Popular Bookstore in Oct 2012.




《悄逝的记忆》是翁燕萍在2005年完成的首部独立制作纪录片,并在国外获得肯定。《悄逝的记忆》在2006年里就分别在韩国的国家教育频道(EBS),以及澳大利亚电视台(Australia Broadcasting Corporation) 的国际电视频道(Australia Network)上播映。《悄逝的记忆》也在澳大利亚昆士兰州的一个电影新人奖的竞赛中夺得《最佳大专学府纪录片奖》(Best Tertiary Documentary, Queensland New Filmmakers Award)。同时,也入围2005年度,第一届亚裔首作电影节(Asian Festival of First Films)的《最佳纪录片奖》,并荣获《最佳评审推荐奖》。《悄逝的记忆》也受邀在英国、西班牙、德国、日本、韩国、台湾及新加坡的国际电影展上放映。




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