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Dear Educators,

Are you looking at planning programmes to enrich students on topics such as national education, filmmaking, Chinese language and history?  Want to engage your students to learn more about the kampong landscape, community and its spirit that seem distant today?  Screen Diminishing Memories I & Diminishing Memories II with the film director’s Question-And-Answer session, this programme is eligible for up to 50% subsidy from the Tote Board Arts Grant (National Arts Council Arts Education Programme, NAC-AEP).

Diminishing Memories I and II are two thought-provoking and brave documentaries that prompted discussions and reflections about the fast-paced development of our country, as well as the price we pay for our present-day prosperity.  The screening session also act as window for possible follow-ups of learning opportunities, such as a research project on issues raised from the film(s), or simply an outdoor field trip to the local farms or kampong with teachers.  In addition, the programme is designed for maximizing learning beyond the films.  This is especially as the filmmaker is sharing her personal journey in pursuing her dreams.  To follow your heart, dare to be different and be inspired!

The programme comes with two packages to cater for your budget, interest and time limitation.  Please email to request for more information.

Thanks for your support!!! ;))

Merry X’mas in advance!