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Hello everyone!

Thank you all for those who bought a DVD of Diminishing Memories, those who came to my public screenings, those who helped me spread the words of my films, those who encouraged, criticized and cheer for me.  Because of your support, I’m nominated for the Singapore Women’s Weekly magazine’s Great Women Of Our Time Award 2009.


There are lots of ways to support a filmmaker.  I do not need to win the award as a nomination is good enough for me. Why?  This is because, from the audience response to my films, I know the audience has already given me the award- they show it to me that my films have moved them and that is the best reward I can get.  To me, the audience that my film is speaking to is the best judge in the world. hehe


However, I do know that a nomination of awards and such is important and I won’t push it away.  Simply because awards or nominations of awards do help any filmmakers in the process of seeking funds for their films and even distributions, this is a fact.  And funds are important for any filmmakers to make their films and to continue to make films in the future.


The more I didn’t want to sound like I’m appealing for votes, as a filmmaker, some part of me ought to do so.  Life is full of contradictions isn’t it?  Remember, there are lots of ways to support a filmmaker and all of you have shown me that. ie. by buying a ticket to my screening, by purchasing a dvd of my film so I can try to get closer to breaking-even, by giving me encouragements etc.  So nobody needs to feel obligated to vote, ok? 😉


In case you like to vote, SMS to 79797 with "SWW08G*Code 06*YourName*NRIC*Address*Email.  Please note each SMS cost $0.30 (not vaild for pre-paid card) and the closing date is 8 August 09.  As an appreciation for your participation, voters will get the chance to win a Poh Heng DIAMOND & A Cosme Decorte AQ Skincare SET. 🙂  Winners will be notified by post. 


Yes yes, I know you voted because you truly like to support me…. and nothing else. Thank you thank you thank you!



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  若不是因为这样,老实说要奖项来干吗?但如果能让真心为你开心的人高兴那还真不错呢。谢谢所有成全我的梦想的人。去年因为观众的支持,在艺术之家的放映会每场爆满。之后就有杂志提名我参加年度杰出女性奖项(the Great Women Of The Time Award),刚开始投票。我知道我不会得奖,因为我还没那么杰出。我才刚开始呢。我总觉得拍电影好像不只是一辈子的事。不是自相矛盾,我的意思是,要拍我理想中的好电影需要更长的时间。一辈子其实不够。这一辈子,我还只是在学习、进步,还有成长。希望观众愿意陪我一起成长。