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Shooting Day 2

Posted: December 31, 2007 in Diminishing Memories II: Diary

小小感动 (我的Crew








这两天虽然有Wide Angle Lens,但是因为我的摄影机镜头匡镜跟我借来的 Lens不符合,所以无法派上用场。今早我也只不过问了问我的摄影师Set Up Ring 可以到哪里买到?我刚刚才发现,原来傍晚拍摄结束后,我的摄影师跑去买了适合用的Lens Ring了!!!


我的crew adorable hor? 真是讨人喜欢!可快要把我宠坏咯!呵呵!!


Diminishing Memories II: Second Shooting Day

A little moved by my crew members.


It has been raining for these two days and I had been hoping for a beautiful bright day so that the weather won’t affect my shooting progress.  However, it has been raining for the past week and it did so yesterday.  It rained very early morning so I was hoping the rain would perhaps stopped by the time I started filming. I told my crew members that if if should rain again today, I shall go film the rain in Lim Chu Kang as it ought to be beautiful. I wanted to film the rain dropping on the zinc roof top so I could hear th esound of the rain too! Then, I noticed my sound recordist turned to look at me, little did I know why. 


It’s raining again today and the first thing we did was to go capture the rain scene of Lim Chu Kang! I was wondering if I should put up my umbrella to "protect" the camera only to see there’s already a little "rain coat" being put on the camera! I asked, "hey! Where did this come from?" My sound recordist said, "I brought it along because you mentioned you wanted to film in the rain yesterday."  


Wow! It’s such a nice suprise as I didn’t expect my crew to be so "attentive". hee ;p I also just found out that my cameraman went to get an adaptor ring when we finished our shoot today to ensure we could fit our wide angle lens onto the camera on our third day of shoot tomorrow.  I was only curious and asked him where should be the best place to get the adaptor ring.


I find my crews so sweet and "adorable" and I felt so pamper by them. 🙂 Nice…  


Shooting Day 1

Posted: December 29, 2007 in Diminishing Memories II: Diary




Diminishing Memories II: First day of shoot

This is the first day of my shoot and I was at Lim Chu Kang farm interviewing some public for their opinions on the fact that some parts of it will be developed into an "agri-tainment" recreation farm area. Generally, Singaporeans are still very "careful" in giving their opinions.

I thought I would get an honest point of view from the expatriates, only to my suprise. I wondered if it has to do with staying in this environment that has an "effect" on him. Anyway I was lucky to finally get some honest answers from two other public- one local, another expatriate.  By the end of the day, I was thinking of another main case study in my film that I somehow felt a little painful on my chest. I couldn’t help thinking about what was being said by this main case study that made me a little sad.